Strings of Errors

A Closer Look at the Classic Oud Fragrance And Why We Use It

Join us as we discuss the history and future of the renowned Oud scent that finds its way into just about every noteworthy individual fragrance on the market.

Mentions of Agarwood, or Oud as it is more commonly referred to, have cropped up in the Hebrew Bible as well as in historical writings that date back as far as the Wu dynasty. It is a treasured and well-documented wood that has been cherished by several cultures for centuries and for a good reason. Oud has a warm and musky smell that, when coupled with the right ingredients and skill level, can be simply intoxicating. These factors, among others we will be discussing later, are exactly why we have created our Oud-themed company.

As of yet, we have only released one product, however, given the success of our very first perfume and the dedication of our brand, more will be following shortly. We pride ourselves on being a high-end perfume company with a keen understanding of fragrance and utilising Oud to the best of our abilities. We source our Oud from China, India and Indonesia, countries with a history of premium quality Agarwood, ultimately ensuring that our products are extremely pure, all-natural, and incredibly rousing.

Many people are unfamiliar with the production of Agarwood and do not understand why it is quite so rare and costly. In order to harvest Agarwood, healthy, full-grown Aquilaria trees need to become infected with a type of fungus which then causes the tree to secrete a resin that combats the infection, this combination of resin and wood is what we know as Oud. Therefore, a rather specific and demanding process needs to occur before the Agarwood can even begin to be harvested. In addition to this time-consuming process, Oud is also known as an unanalogous smell, meaning there are no other natural smells like it, it is truly a one-of-a-kind precious scent. To take advantage of this incredible natural resource, there needs to be an understanding and respect for the creation of it and, although plain Oud does have a lovely smell, to turn it into something truly spectacular you need a higher knowledge of the components that go into creating a hit fragrance. We mention all of this because, during the creation of Raging Agar, our first release, we wholeheartedly embraced this elevated level of understanding and put only the most talented and experienced minds to craft this fragrance. We can proudly state that Raging Agar has quickly became nobble worthy due to it being so complicated ingredients and the fact that only a handful of bottles were only crafted making our first release truely special for the perfume collectors. We sought after the best materials for Raging Agar with notes of leather, guaiac wood and delicate hints of vintage Turkish rose has played a huge role in this masterpiece creation. The support and feedbacks we have received for Raging Agar has been simply phenomenal and we cannot wait to show you the amazing creations that are still to come. We hope that we have displayed our dedication and understanding of our brand vision and that you will consider be part of our growing family!